Naked ziplining event targets world record

ZipZone Peachland is trying to get at least 150 women in the record books at its third annual naked ziplining event.

ZipZone Peachland's annual naked ziplining fundraiser is looking to set a Guinness World Record this year.

An initiative started three years ago by ZipZone Peachland and the women of SS Rodeo roller derby team will likely result in a Guinness World Record next month.

The annual ZipZone naked ziplining event, which has made international headlines, takes place June 20.

Last year 84 women—ranging from age 18 to 73—shed their clothes; the fundraiser brought in $16,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Kevin Bennett, president of ZipZone Peachland said this year the goal is to host 150 participating women.

“There isn’t currently a Guinness Record (for naked ziplining), we’re going to be setting it,” said Bennett.

Doubling the number of participants is “totally realistic,” according to Bennett, who added the community is learning the naked ziplining fundraiser is a fun and respectful event.

“People are becoming aware that it’s not a peep show,” said Bennett.

“We go out of our way to make it a really safe, comfortable environment for women.”

Female participants are asked to raise a minimum of $250 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation this year in order to participate. The overall fundraising goal is $30,000.

Women who aren’t comfortable baring it all are still invited to participate, said Bennett.

In previous years, women have worn bikinis, pasties or even strategically placed feathers. ZipZone asks that body paint not be worn because it can rub onto the harnesses.

“The nudity is optional; you zip however you feel comfortable,” said Bennett.

“But, to count for the world record, you have to zip naked or topless.”

Lawyer Nancy Fish of Porrelli Law will be on hand to do an official count for the Guinness World Record attempt application.

The naked ziplining initiative is only open to females and, according to Bennett, that likely won’t change any time soon.

When asked whether or not consideration has been given for an annual men’s event, Bennett said: “There is no way I could get 100 guys to go naked.”

ZipZone Peachland will be closed to the public while the event is in progress and the only men on site will be Bennett, operations manager Josh Sears and members of the media. All staff who require contact with the zipliners will be female.

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