NDP open Kelowna-Lake Country Federal NDP riding association

MP Alex Atamanenko to speak at opening April 5 in Kelowna.

The founding meeting of the Kelowna-Lake Country Federal NDP Riding Associaiton takes place at Deli City Bunches Bistro, 1889 Springfield Rd. in Kelowna. NDP MP Alex Atamanenko will speak at noon April 5.

Registration is at 1 pm with the meeting starting at 1:15 pm.

Alex Atamanenko has been a Member of Parliament for  the Riding of B.C. Southern Interior from Jan 2006 to the present. He has been the Federal NDP Critic for Agriculture and Agri-Food Security from  2008-2011. He also served as Federal Rural Affairs Critic and was past critic responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board.

In the last Parliament, Atamanenko moved on his Bill C-474 (An Act respecting the Seeds Regulations) to require genetically engineered seeds to undergo an analysis of potential harm to export markets prior to being approved.

It was the first time in history that a bill on genetically engineered seeds survived the vote at second reading to be moved on to committee for thorough debate.

Unfortunately, after a year of debate and a huge public and farmer support, the bill was ultimately defeated by Conservative and Liberal MPs at third reading who had succumbed to an intensive lobbying effort by the biotech industry.

Atamanenko’s next effort in the House of Commons will be to restrict the slaughter of horses for human consumption on the basis of food safety. Horses are commonly and in many cases routinely administered medications that should never be consumed by humans.

Regulations are inadequate and barely enforced. Debate on Bill C-571 will start around Mar 31. Hopefully this bill will make it on to committee for real debate and at the very least result in meaningful changes to this industry.



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