The Peachland Fire and Rescue Service building (Gary Barnes - Black Press Media)

The Peachland Fire and Rescue Service building (Gary Barnes - Black Press Media)

New fire hall priority for Peachland council

Current fire hall is becoming too small to serve the community

Peachland council is in the early stages of looking to replace the district’s aging fire hall.

“We want to set out the terms of reference and provide information to council for what the responsibility of a fire hall advisory select committee will be,” said Mayor Cindy Fortin.

Municipal elections are in October, and Fortin says this is an opportune time to begin the process.

“Not because it’s an election year, but because if we need to have a referendum on the new fire hall this is the year to do it. It’s less costly in an election year,” she added.

The select committee will be made up of seven community members and two members of council.

“Part of the job of this committee will be to look into the technical aspects as well as gather public input,” said Fortin.

The current fire hall, located in downtown Peachland, is becoming too small to serve the community.

“They barely have any room,” added Fortin. “Any bigger of a truck, which we’re going to need soon, just won’t fit. It’s also right downtown.

“So when they do get called out for an emergency they have to navigate the downtown core. We have a great fire and rescue service.”

Former fire chief (1980-2004), now Peachland Museum curator, Don Wilson agrees.

“It’s long overdue,” he said.

“It’s tight quarters in there. We absolutely need a new one.”

The Peachland Fire and Rescue Service started in 1909 when the district was formed, with just a few volunteers and a few buckets.

The hall was built in the 1950s, and a second floor was added in 1980. The district didn’t get its first fire truck until the 1960s.

“Before that farmers used orchard spraying equipment to put out fires,” added Wilson.

It’s hoped a new location can be found away from the downtown to allow quicker access to Hwy 97 for more rapid response times.

“We (District of Peachland) own property at 13th St. and San Clemente,” said Fortin. “But that would be up to the select committee and council to decide.”

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