Bluebird Beach Park.—City of Kelowna

Bluebird Beach Park.—City of Kelowna

New Kelowna park gets a name

Land on Lakeshore Road will be known as Bluebird Beach Park.

It may not be a park that is open to the public, but at least it now has a name

Land the City of Kelowna bought on Lakeshore Road with the intention of one day turning into a park will now be known as Bluebird Beach Park.

The name for the property at 4010 and 4020 Lakeshore Road in the Mission sits adjacent to the Bluebird Road South beach access.

Kelowna city council went with a staff recommendation Monday over the name it has been unofficially known by—Lakeshore Park—because it felt that the old name would be confusing given the long length of Lakeshore Road and the fact there are other parks along the road.

A city report said staff are recommending the new park incorporate the beach access. Another beach access nearby, known as Bluebird Road North beach access, will keep its name.

As an alternative to Bluebird Road Beach Park, staff provided council with another choice to consider, Pondersoa Beach Park. That name, said staff, recognizedthe mature, rich red-barked Ponderosa pine trees that sit on the land.

Council opted for the Bluebird name instead, saying it liked it better.