The light that will emit from the wooden structures on Kelowna's new downtown lakefront pier will make them appear as 'lanterns' at night

The light that will emit from the wooden structures on Kelowna's new downtown lakefront pier will make them appear as 'lanterns' at night

New public pier to change the face of Kelowna’s downtown lakefront

The $5 million pier and new day-use marina are expected to be built in time for this year's summer boating season.

The face of Kelowna’s downtown lakeshore is about to change.

The company building the new public pier and marina off Kelowna’s downtown lakeshore says it plans to start demolishing the existing small building and commercial dock just off Kerry Park within the next few weeks. It applied for the development permit for the project this week.

The demolition will make way for the new $5 million pier and day-use marina. The 68-slip marina will also include seven commercial slips.

We are pleased and excited to finally be moving into the construction phase of this project,” said Gail Temple, director of development for Westcorp Properties Inc, the Edmonton-based company that is doing the work.

As part of its agreement with the city, Westcorp will design, build and maintain the pier in return for the revenues generated from renting the slips and the sale of fuel at the facility’s new fuel bar.

“Given the high visibility of the marina’s location, and the fact that this amenity will function as a water “gateway” to the downtown core, Westcorp felt strongly that aesthetics and quality were extremely important,”said Temple of the stylized wooden structures that will grace the pier and marina.  “We have created what we hope people will feel are beautiful little buildings.  Their architecture will be interesting during the day, and during the evening, the buildings will not fade into the darkness, but rather, they will become elegant ‘lanterns’ on the waterfront.”

The company, which also owns land at the corner of Abbott Street and Queenway, close to the site of the new pier and wants to build a boutique on the site, plans to have the pier and marina complete by May.

It is building the barges that will will support each building at the facility offsite and plans to float them into place after they are assembled on the west side of the lake.

The new marina will have 68 slips, 27 for hourly use by boaters, 11 for rental boats and 30 for daily and nightly temporary moorage.

The existing commercial dock is to be removed by mid March. Once that is completed, the commercial boats will be moved from their current location and the existing marina in front of the sails will be removed to make way for the new marina. The commercial pier will be an elevated structure (on piles) with concrete decking and hand rails.  The ticket building will be built on the pier.

Fabrication of the steel pontoons for the main marina structure is underway.  Once completed, the pontoons will be shipped to the west side of the lake, where they will be assembled on dry land into dock sections.

Because of the weight of the materials used for the fuel and rental buildings, special barges have to be constructed to support each building.  Once the barges are complete, the buildings will be constructed on them, and the barges (with buildings) will be floated into place when the new marina is ready to receive them.

The seating pavilion will also be built on the Westside as part of the breakwater section of the marina.

The buildings will be wood with metal roofing, and the deck of the marina will be wood with metal accents on the handrails and bull rails.

In contrast to the global grid material first proposed for the deck, it was felt that wood would be much more appealing, both in terms of look and feel, said Temple.

To present an attractive waterfront image in the evening, down lighting will be used on the underside of the bull rails (similar to what is used on the promenade in front of Stuart Park), and up lighting will be used within the buildings to create a desired “lantern” effect.

“The objective is elegance and warmth.” said Temple. “There will be benches available for public use along the length of the floating pier and at the end of the structure in the seating pavilion. These will be accessible to the public during City of Kelowna park hours. “

Infrastructure work, including water, sewer, power and fuel lines, will be done in March and April and will be coordinated with city in order to avoid interference with any work of planned Bernard Avenue revitalization work.















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