(Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

Off-duty cop takes down robbery suspect in downtown Kelowna

Officer claims cappuccino helped him catch suspect

A man was taken down by an off-duty RCMP officer after an alleged robbery on Water Street on Friday morning.

A Capital News reporter was on scene for the takedown. The officer chased the suspect for approximately 100 metres before catching up with the suspect.

He then announced that the suspect was under arrest and held his hands behind his back on the ground.

The suspect is heard on video saying that he ‘took a pop’, before beginning to apologize and say that he was ‘just thirsty’ and had low blood sugar.

A uniformed officer was quick to arrive on scene, who confirmed that the suspect was under arrest for theft.

The off-duty officer preferred not to give a statement, though he said that a cappuccino he had earlier helped give him the energy to apprehend the suspect.

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