Ogopogo lives to float another day

Kelowna council votes to keep mythical lake monster on the city's parade float.

Ogopogo’s place on Kelowna parade float has been saved.

The mythical lake monster will continue to the primary theme of the City of Kelowna’s parade float after city council voted unanimously Monday afteroon to keep him on it.

CIty staff had recommneded going with an Active By Nature theme for the float instead, displacing the Ogopogo from the float for the fist time ever. The city is trying to push the Active By Nature theme as a new brand for the city.

All council members spoke out in favour of Ogopogo, calling him a long-standing brand onto himself that represents the city.

Kelowna will go ahead with a refresh of the parade float. Council approved $20,000 in its 2016 budge to pay for the work. Concept drawings will be done and presented to council for approval and the work is expected to be complete by this summer.


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