Okanagan chefs taking their best to the shelter

Okanagan chefs taking their best to the shelter

Kelowna chefs head into homeless shelter for a big treat

The Okanagan Chefs Association are treating guests of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission to a gourmet three course meal of roasted vegetable salad, pork roast and an assortment of desserts Saturday April 22 at 4.45 p.m.

Executive chefs, Willi Franz and Reinhard Foerderer spearheaded this initiative.

“Our primary mission is to help young cooks and secondary is giving back to the community,” said Chef Franz. “We expect to serve approximately 200 meals this Saturday”

Matt Reimer, kitchen co-ordinator at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission said he’s looking forward to having such amazing chefs all together in the shelter’s kitchen.

“They are bringing their own food, their expertise, and skills. We get to watch a gourmet meal be made and learn so that we can make an amazing meal too,” said Reimer. “We’re excited to see what they put together and how they do it. Our guests love a break in their routine and being served by top chefs in our community is an extra special treat.”

Mike Morrison, Development Director of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, said it’s heartening to have partners who care deeply for the homeless and hurting in our community.