One of the trades demonstrations involved a car being flipped in an accident simulation.

Okanagan College brings career opportunities to community

The College's 34th annual Career Fair featured about 80 booths.

Okanagan College was a hub of information, interest and career professionalism Sunday.

The college held its 34th annual Career Fair with roughly 80 booths set up representing all of OC’s programs and others from the community. Career Fair Coordinator Michelle Lowry noted the number of booths was comparable to previous years, and although it’s difficult to guess she estimated they had between 800 and 1,000 people attend the fair.

While the main draw of the fair was all of the information available on various careers, there was more going on than just the booths themselves.

“We burn out this car, we take all of the fluids out of it and we do a little bit of a contest to see how long it will take and the person who is closest gets a prize,” Lowry described of one of the many trades demonstrations that were held. “Then they flip it, so they’re simulating an accident. Then the Kelowna Fire Department will go in there with the jaws of life and open it up.”

Other demonstrations included painting a car and a welding simulator in addition to tours of all of the trades departments. OC itself also put up some attractions to encourage potential students to attend the college, as there was a draw for a $500 credit towards tuition and anyone who registered for a class that day had their fee waived.

Lowry added the always love bringing the community out to the college, and they plan to keep holding the Career Fair, in her words, forever.