Orchard Ford steps up to back campaign

“Speechless” was the word Adam Less, co-chair of West Kelowna’s Kraft Hockeyville campaign, used to describe his reaction to a donation.

“Speechless” was the word Adam Less, co-chair of West Kelowna’s Kraft Hockeyville campaign, used to describe his reaction to a donation received late last week from local auto dealership, Orchard Ford.

“It was about three in the afternoon last Wednesday when I got a phone call from Dan Assam, owner of Orchard Ford,” recounted Less.

“Dan said everybody at the dealership wanted to help us and offered us a significant cash donation. I was so thrilled, I was literally speechless. Dan must have thought I hung up on him.”

According to Less, even though the dealership is in Kelowna, Orchard Ford consider themselves part of the West Kelowna community because so many of the management team, including Assam himself, are West Kelowna residents and are actively involved as parents and coaches in Westside Minor Hockey.

“Dan asked me how we would be helping the local West Kelowna community throughout our campaign,” Less continued.

“I told him a major focus of ours was not only to win Kraft Hockeyville, but also to drive support for our local charities including the food bank.

“I explained that we already have two major charitable events planned to raise support for The food bank, including this upcoming weekend’s Kraft Hockeyville Winterfest event and a hot tub giveaway, entry for which is in return for food bank donations.

“That’s when Dan said he and the team at Orchard Ford would do all they could to help us.”

In addition to the cash donation, Orchard Ford also intends to wrap one of their vehicles in a Kraft Hockeyville theme and use it to help the all-volunteer, West Kelowna Hockeyville group promote their campaign.

Orchard Ford’s donation, which Less describes as the most significant so far for the campaign, is the latest in a string of offers of support from local businesses,  Less says.

“The minute we launched our campaign, businesses from audio visual companies to hotels, retail stores and everything in between started coming forward offering support,” Less said.

“We need all that support to be successful, but we never banked on this much of it coming this quickly.

“Now we’re scrambling to figure out how best to use it all. It’s a great problem to have and it just proves how much passion, generosity and spirit there is in this community.

“It reminds us why we’re bidding for Kraft Hockeyville in the first place.”

If you’d like to get your business involved, contact the West Kelowna Kraft Hockeyville team at info@westkelownahockeyville.com.

Also visit the website   www.westkelownahockeyville.com to keep updated on the progress of the campaign.


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