Our View: New era for Cap News

With the new digital age, comes what is a huge challenge for the media.

  • Fri Dec 16th, 2016 8:00am
  • News

Kevin Parnell

Change is good.

Here at the Kelowna Capital News we are going through what you could call an unprecedented era of change.

Not only are we renovating in true Cap News style (we roll up our sleeves and pitch in), the way we tell the news is also changing as is our team that brings you the news.

On page A15 of this edition, you can meet two of our new reporters, not just for the Cap News but for our Black Press sister papers in Penticton, Summerland, Lake Country, Vernon and Salmon Arm as well.

We are committed to a new digital strategy across the region that will bring you fast and entertaining news on our web site at kelownacapnews.com followed by more in-depth reporting in these pages.

With the new digital age, comes what is a huge challenge for the media.

In an era where speed seems to have taken on more importance than accuracy, we remain committed to not only being fast, but being accurate as well.

We want to push the envelope online and get stories to you fast and then dig deeper in these pages, exploring issues.

Like we have always done, we want to introduce you to people affected by the news because people is what we are about.

While we are talking about change and people, we’ve got to give credit where credit is due and congratulate our longtime managing editor Barry Gerding, who after guiding the Capital News for 16 years has moved out of the editor’s chair and into a senior reporter role with Black Press, writing stories of regional importance across the Okanagan.

With 16 years experience in this city and with more 30 years of journalism under his belt, Barry begins a new venture with a mandate to look into stories that have importance in the Okanagan Valley.

This is part of our commitment to have in-depth stories both in print and online and to work together with a combined newsroom across the Okanagan Valley and with our Black Press sister papers in every corner of the province.

As we move forward with a new era for the Capital News, we look forward to continuing to be a news source that you can count on.

We want to be different. We want to be unique.

We want to rely on old-school journalistic integrity and ethics.

And we want to learn new skills and push forward online.

And as always, we want to hear from you.

If you have a news tip or want to give your opinion, reach out to us at newstips@kelownacapnews.com.