A group with their rain water collection system (Connor Trembley-Kelowna Capital News)

A group with their rain water collection system (Connor Trembley-Kelowna Capital News)

Over 100 female students gather at UBCO to learn about engineering career

This is the fourth year the event has been held

Opportunities to start a career in engineering has never looked brighter for women in the Okanagan.

Over one hundred Grade 9 female students from numerous Okanagan schools met at UBCO today to learn about starting a career in the industry.

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The GoENG Girl event saw students compete in a engineering contest, let them hear career advice from female working professionals in the field and gave them an opportunity to share their own career aspirations.

UBCO engineering outreach advisor Marie Reid, said the contest provided a real life example about what students would do as engineers.

“Students did a design challenge. Their goal was to create a rain water collection system for an area in B.C.,” she said.

“We wanted to get the students talking about water shortages and how we can create new things as engineers to address the problem as engineers.”

After the 28 groups created their own water collection system, they had an opportunity to test and rebuild it to make sure it was made to the best that it could be. Students who built their system the cheapest and with the most amount of collected rainwater at the end came out on top.

Due to the popularity of the event, Reid said they’ve had to make adjustments over the years to make sure everyone can participate.

“We max out on this event every single year. We normally have a waitlist. We’re definitely getting the recognition because tons of students are talking to each other about engineering after the event.”

Due to the demand, the event was made specifically for Grade 9 female students this year. Another similar event has been created for aspiring female engineers who are in the seventh and eighth grades.

Reid said on top of showing students that engineering is a career option, she wanted to show students during the event what characteristics it took to make a great engineer.

The first GoENG Girl event started at the university in 2016.


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