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Update: Penticton’s famous broken-winged goose is alive despite post of his demise

Kevin was reported dead on Monday morning by a resident who had befriended the friendly goose

Penticton’s favourite broken-winged Canada goose is alive and well despite a Facebook post of his death on Monday morning.

The Penticton Western News went down to Okanagan Lake Monday afternoon to see the healthy looking Kevin hanging out with his friend Kyle from the Old School Penticton Facebook page.

“I came down here to have a vigil for my friend Kevin and then he was right here. It went from a sad day to a very happy day,” said Kyle who brought Kevin some of his favourite food.

Lori Lalonde was out for her morning walk along Okanagan Lake on Monday when she found who she thought was Kevin.

She posted the news on Facebook and she confirmed that Kevin is the goose that died.

“It was with much sadness that I post this. Kevin, our beloved one-winged, Canada goose is no longer with us. I found him this morning and he has been taken care of,” said Lalonde on Facebook.

She said it wasn’t apparent what the goose died of.

It feels like all of Penticton has taken Kevin under their wing over the years, making sure he is well fed and cared for.

It isn’t really known how Kevin got his name, or how his wing broke, but it has been his gentle, trusting nature that has made people fall in love with him.

Kevin has been a fixture at the beach at Okanagan Lake for years, unable to fly because of a broken wing. Because of his injury he is ostracized from other geese.

Kyle Sunderman befriended Kevin two years ago and has been posting picture of Penticton’s fine feathered friend’s well being on the Penticton page.

“I work with adults with special needs, so it’s become our morning ritual to go visit Kevin. We talk to him, and he’s gotten to know us. He will even come out of the water to visit if he sees us coming,” said Sunderman in 2021.

“I’d say, through the past year, with COVID-19, Kevin has been the kind of light we’ve all needed,” Sunderman said at the time.

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Kevin has provided a real opportunity for compassion and connection with his clients.

He’s grateful to the famed goose for all the joy he has brought to people through this challenging time during the pandemic.

Kevin became famous across the region, even into the United States, when offers to adopt him came flooding before the the winter of 2021.

Kevin’s human friend Dave Chuokalos made the call for someone to rescue Kevin before the winter hit.

“I go to sleep worrying about Kevin,” Chuokalos said at the time.

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The Penticton Western News also designated Kevin Penticton’s official ambassador to call Ground Hog Day.

On Feb. 2, 2023, Kevin did see his shadow and rightly predicted six more weeks of winter.

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