Pomponio has a passion to see local students succeed

District of West Kelowna: Pomponio, Tina-school trustee candidate wants to bring fresh approach to the school board.

  • Mon Nov 3rd, 2014 4:00pm
  • News

1) Why do you feel school boards are still relevant today given how much control the provincial government maintains over education spending?

School boards are still relevant simply because they’re the face and the human part of a large structure. The board is closer to the unique needs of a district, it’s culture and it’s people.


2) What personal characteristics or background do you possess that make you an ideal candidate for school trustee?


I’ve had 3 children go through the public schools on the Westside and I’ve been active in Parent Advisory Council for the past 17 years, SPC for 9 years, a parent ambassador at MBS for 8 years. I’ve coached swimming at the local pool for 14 years and I’ve been active with Ringette and Kelowna United Soccer.

Besides that, I have a passion for seeing our students succeed at all grade levels. I’m a strong advocate for student learning.


3) Do you now have or have you had children enrolled in the public school system? If so, what has that experience as a parent taught you about what the school board’s priorities should be?



4) Enrolment overall in private schools has shown an increase in recent years both locally and provincially.  What do you think the school board should or can do to restore what perhaps is a reflection of lost confidence in the public school system?

I think we need a newer approach. I think we need to be more pro-active at listening and be open to new ideas. We still operate the school like we did in the 1990s. Things have obviously changed and continue to change at an increasing pace.


5) Why do you want to be a school trustee?

I think we need a new approach. I think the top priority needs to be student learning and mending fractured relationships between all partner groups.