Pranic healing workshops to begin this weekend in Kelowna

Space available to learn how to use energy to fight sickness, avoid negativity

A series of workshops on Pranic healing is being held in Kelowna, beginning this weekend with a level 1 series on the practice of utilizing energy in healing.

Pranic physiotherapist Marilee Goheen is hosting the workshops. The level 1 event is Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 25, 26) and will focus on interpreting energy on objects and the human body as well as techniques for healing energy abnormalities in over 90 diseases.

It’s the first workshop of five levels of training of Pranic healing over the next several months.

Advanced workshops will deal with accelerating healing while other topics will include using the Pranic teachings to help kick to addictions to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

Attendees will also learn to shield themselves from negativity.

For information on the workshops which take place over the next six months beginning with this weekend, please contact Marilee Goheen at 250-491-1228 or email

Kelowna Capital News