Pro-life flags won’t fly over Catholic schools

Reports of threats and the need for security nix plans to fly pro-life flag over three local Catholic schools.

The Kelowna Right To Life Society’s pro-life flag will not fly over three local Catholic schools next week after all.

Late Wednesday, the superintendent of Cathollic schools Bev Pulyk announced she had reversed her decision to allow the flags to fly because of previously expressed threats KRTL said it received when the flag was reportedly going to fly over Kelowna City Hall.

Permission was not granted by the city for the flag to fly over city hall during next week’s protect Human Life Week and the city changed its flag-flying policy as a result of the controversy over the possibility of the pro-life flag flyng there.

KRTL announced it would instead fly the flag over three local Catholic schools, Immaculata Catholic Regional High School, Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary school in Westbank and St. Joseph’s Elementary school in Kelowna. It was also to fly over Heritage Christian School in Kelowna. It was not immediately clear if it will still fly over Heritage Christian.

“We regret to announce that the Pro-Life flag will not be flown at our Catholic schools as part of Protect Human Life Week,” said Pulyk.

“We of course uphold our church’s teaching on the sanctity of human life at all of its stages.  However, it was recently reported in the news that there would have to be 24-hour supervision at the schools because of threats that were made to the City of Kelowna when City Council was considering flying the flag. The safety of our students is paramount and so we will find other ways to express our faith that do not draw our students into the political arena and/or risk their safety.”

Kelowna Capital News