Prof to counsel Kelowna council on long-term planning

UBCO management prof will share his perspectives on scenario planning with Kelowna city council July 25.

Residents are being asked to Imagine Kelowna 25 years in the future as part of a planning initiative. But long-term planning can be a daunting task when faced with a world that will change in ways we can’t entirely anticipate.

During the afternoon Kelowna city council meeting on Monday, July 25, Dr. Keith Culver, a professor of management at UBC Okanagan, will share his perspectives on scenario planning as a way to face uncertainty regarding a future full of possibilities.

Culver grew up in the Okanagan, left to see the world, and came home in 2011 after two decades of working in a variety of roles including research and development collaborations with major international firms in the energy, transport and construction sectors.

When the city council meeting starts at 1:30 p.m. on July 25, residents can view a live-stream of Culver’s talk.

This endeavour is part of the Imagine Kelowna Speaker Series, which, over the coming months, will feature prominent locals who will share their knowledge and experience on future trends and as the city prepares and plans for the future.

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