Spelliscy will be presenting at the Kelowna Downtown Library on Feb. 13

Spelliscy will be presenting at the Kelowna Downtown Library on Feb. 13

Prominent psychologist to talk about mental health at Kelowna Downtown Library in February

Irene Spelliscy presentation will cover how to handle and deal with stress

If you want to learn how to de-stress and relax more at work, then a presentation at the Kelowna Downtown Library on Thursday, Feb. 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. is for you.

Prominent psychologist Irene Spelliscy is set to hold a presentation then to share her 20 years of experience and knowledge on mental health issues.

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“This event is understanding not just the emotional impacts, but physical impacts of stress,” said Spelliscy.

“We will let people know how they can set their priorities straight and find real ways to manage stress.”

When it comes to mental health, Spelliscy said there’s one simple thing you can ask yourself to feel better in the long term.

“You have to take minute during the day and ask yourself, what do you value? Do you value exercise and eating well,?” said Spelliscy.

“After, you can then introduce these healthy behaviours into your daily routine.”

The event takes place during Psychology Month, which is a national campaign held every February to raise awareness of the role psychology plays in everyday lives.

Spelliscy’s event is free and all are welcome to attend.


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