Property tax payment time in Central Okanagan

Property owners in West Kelowna have until July 5 to pay their 2012 property taxes, while everyone else must pay by July 3.

It’s tax time for property owners in the Central Okanagan.

And depending where you live, you may have more time to pay than others.

While property owners in Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country and those living in the Central Okanagan Regional District electoral areas have until July 3 to pay their 2012 property taxes, West Kelowna residents are getting a two-day break this year and have until the close of business (4 p.m.) July 5 to pay.

Any property owner who misses the deadline for payment will be hit with a penalty.

In Kelowna, that penalty is five per cent of the amount owing if not paid by July 3, and a further five per cent penalty if taxes are still owing after Aug. 7.

In Kelowna, as in other municipalities, property taxes can be paid in person at City Hall or online through banking institutions.

“City Hall closes at 4 p.m., however we have deposit boxes available at our front entrance as well at the Doyle Avenue parking lot exit and at the Parkinson Recreation Centre,” said George King, the city’s revenue manager.

Deposit boxes are emptied each evening and the deadline for Kelowna residents is midnight July 3. Property taxes can be paid by cash, cheque, money order or debit card.

Kelowna city Hall will be closed for the Canada Day holiday on Monday, July 2.

In Peachland and Lake Country, the deadline is 4 p.m. July 3 and a 10 per penalty is applied to any amount not paid by the deadline. In West Kelowna any amount not paid by July 5 is also subject to a 10 per cent penalty.

Taxpayers in the regional district must pay their annual property taxes to the provincial government, not the regional district. And if you are mailing your taxes to Victoria, the envelope must be received, or post-marked, on or before July 3 to avoid a penalty. The province imposes a five per cent penalty for late payment.

All taxpayers are reminded to apply to regular or seniors’ homeowner grant, if it is applicable to you. In formation and the application is on your tax notice.

Any penalty assessed will include the amount of the homeowner grant if it has not been applied for by the payment deadline.


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