Publication date changes usher in new era for newspaper

Change and adapt has become a common challenge for the so-called mainstream media in recent years.

Change and adapt has become a common challenge for the so-called mainstream media in recent years.

The advent of changing information technology and the reality of families requiring both parents to work full-time has changed people’s newspaper reading habits.

That is a theme that has not been overlooked here at the Capital News, the first indication of which our readers will notice on Sunday when our weekend edition does not land on your doorstep.

We have changed our weekly publication dates, starting next week, from Wednesday-Friday-Sunday to Tuesday-Thursday-Friday.

While there are many reasons for the change, among the key factors are a desire to be more timely in our news coverage and to provide an enhanced opportunity for our advertisers to connect with our readers.

Making such a change is not taken lightly, as it will bring deadline and work flow adjustments for both our editorial and advertising departments.

The change in publication dates will result in a re-organization of our various regular section features.

The Tuesday edition will include business, sports, seniors and classified sections, including the popular Cuisine feature by Judie Steeves and Maxine DeHart’s business column.

For the Thursday edition, watch for the sports and classified sections, along with an expanded entertainment section and inclusion of our Westside section, called West, across our entire 50,000 circulation base.

Our Friday edition will include sports, travel, entertainment, motoring, classified and New Home Showcase sections, along with our weekly Close-Up feature.

One thing that won’t change is the continued efforts of our award winning editorial department to keep our Kelowna and West Kelowna readers informed on what is happening in their communities, both in our newspaper editions and online at

So while change is coming, one thing will remain the same, our continued efforts to be a fixture to our readers and the communities we serve.

As a former publisher of the Capital News was fond of saying: “There are only two things that cover the Central Okanagan—snow and the Capital News.”


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