RCMP warn of bogus bills being passed

Police say there has been an increase in the amount of counterfeit money being passed in the Interior in recent months.

The RCMP is advising  businesses throughout the Interior that several areas have recently experienced a spike in counterfeit money passing.

Since the end of July, the RCMP says it has received 23 complaints about counterfeit currency either passed, or attempted to be passed, in the communities of West Kelowna, Lake Country, Oliver, Osoyoos, Okanagan Falls, Penticton, Salmon Arm and Kamloops.

The incidents involve $20, $50 and $100 Canadian bank notes from the Canadian Journey Series (2001 – 2006).

The public, merchants and businesses should always check the security features of bank notes before accepting them, say the police.

The security features to check include:

• the watermark or ghost image,

• the security thread,

• the overall print quality,

• the metallic or holographic strip and,

• the puzzle number or see-through number.

“The typical modus operandi is for the passer to make an inexpensive purchase and pay with a large denomination, in turn receiving a large percentage of change back in authentic currency, leaving the bogus bill in the till. Feel, look and flip the bank note to check the security features.” said RCMP Cpl Dan Moskaluk.

The RCMP are trying to raise awareness amongst the public, businesses and merchants in the region about the recent incidents involving counterfeit currency.


Kelowna Capital News