RCMP warn of pin pad fraud

Peachland and Kelowna have reported incidents of pin pad fraud.

RCMP are investigating more occurrences of pin pad fraud at businesses in the Peachland and  Kelowna areas.

On Sunday morning, May 29, staff at a business on Hwy 33 noticed a man replacing the store’s pin pad. When police reviewed surveillance tape, they saw the same man in the store on Saturday evening at closing time.

He removed the store’s pin pad and replaced it with a non-working one. It is believed that the store’s pin pad was then altered with the addition of devices used to record card information and then replaced on the Sunday morning.

The suspect is described as Caucasian, in his mid 20s with medium length brown hair. He was wearing a black jacket and a black baseball cap.

Police are warning all businesses to be wary of persons entering the premises just before closing and first thing in the morning.  Please check the store’s pin pad(s) after the doors have been locked for the night, to be sure they are the proper ones in place. To ensure this, put stickers on the pin pads or mark them so they can be identified.

To discourage pin pad theft, anchor the pin pad to the counter with the use of a mounting bracket or metal cable, or store the pin pad in a locked drawer when not in use. Treat it as cash.

Kelowna Capital News