The Ghost Bike Memorial set up at the corner of Belgo and Sprinfield in Kelowna.

Reminder for cyclists/drivers to share the road safely

Ghost Bike set up in remembrance for Kelowna cyclist Imre (James) Nagy who was killed in collision with vehicle on Belgo Road.

  • Mon Nov 16th, 2015 6:00pm
  • News

The Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition has placed what it calls a Ghost Bike memorial in remembrance of Imre (James) Nagy who was killed while cycling when he collided with a vehicle Sept. 25, 2015, on Belgo Road.

The bike is set up next to a street sign at the corner of Springfield and Belgo, intended to be a reminder that when vehicles and cyclists come in contact with each other, it’s often the cyclist who pays the price for a mistake made either by a driver or a cyclist.

The memorial was created working with the City of Kelowna transportation department to comply with roadside memorial bylaws and to be aware of the coalition’s intent.

It is the KACC’s hope the Ghost Bike will raise awareness of the need to make the city’s streets safer for everyone to use.

For more information about the Kelowna Area  Cycling Coalition, check out the website