Contributed A Kelowna resident is concerned about people moving sandbags at the Sutherland Bay boat launch.

Resident concerned over boat launch

A Kelowna resident is concerned people are moving sandbags

One Kelowna resident is concerned about people moving sandbags to use a boat launch in Kelowna.

Heather Rice said the Sutherland Bay boat launch, located by Knox Mountain, had sandbags lining the shore but they were moved.

“There has been some incidents of people down there (at the Sutherland Bay launch) manipulating the infrastructure,” said resident Heather Rice.

She’s concerned about the erosion with people using the launches, as well as moving sandbags put in place to prevent flooding.

The City of Kelowna said it relies on people to be responsible at the launches with respect to sandbags that have been placed.

“We couldn’t possibly have enough security for all the locations, you just rely on people’s best natures to govern themselves in these situations,” said City of Kelowna information officer Tom Wilson.

Bylaw did not enforce the beach closures over the weekend, but as risks increase they will be monitoring beaches and warning people about potential dangers, said Wilson.

As of Tuesday, boat launches in Kelowna are open while boat launches in West Kelowna are closed. Main launches are also closed in the Vernon area.


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