Development does not trigger public notification as per Local Government Act. (File phot0/Capital News)

Development does not trigger public notification as per Local Government Act. (File phot0/Capital News)

Blasting work needed for Smith Creek Road extension in West Kelowna

Some four thousand truckloads of rock expected to be hauled from area for rest of the year

The Smith Creek Road extension and realignment will require rock blasting and plenty of dump trucks to haul away the material.

Work will also include potential rock hammering and temporary onsite rock crushing. The project will complete a north-south extension of the road next to Smith Creek, and an east-west re-alignment, north of Copper Ridge Drive, connecting to the intersection at Dixie Road.

Approximately 110,000 cubic metres of rock will need to be removed, with approximately 40,000 cubic metres to be trucked off-site, equalling some 4,000 truckloads of rock. The rest of the material is expected to be used within the Smith Creek neighbourhood for future lot grading and road construction.

A city staff report states that based on the volume of material, rock processing is proposed between 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday for the remainder of this year, and possibly into 2023. The report also notes that the extension is necessary to support the development of future phases of Smith Creek and the connectivity of surrounding neighbourhoods.

A letter from Protech Consulting to the city states the significant amount of blasting required will be disruptive to adjacent property owners, but that waiting for other surrounding phases of development to reach the building stage will introduce more residents and buildings to the area that will be disturbed.

A spokesperson with the city told Capital News that the blasting company must provide notification to the occupants of all buildings within 300 metres of the site at least one week before work begins. Once the city issues the blasting permit, which is currently pending, the contractor will be required to issue the notifications.

**Note: This story has been corrected and updated from a previous version.**

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