Volunteer Kurt Bozak helps tie sandbags at the Ellison Fire Hall as residents prepare for flooding in the Mill and Scotty Creek areas. - Image Credit: Carli Berry

Residents prepare for worst

At the Ellison Fire Hall, around 20 residents gathered to prepare for flooding

Around 20 residents gathered at the Ellison Fire Hall to prepare for the worst.

Residents in the area of Scotty and Mill Creek tied together sandbags which were provided by the fire department.

Shaw volunteers also took part in preparing sandbags.

Brian Gibbons a Shaw installer, said they were told to forget training and help the community.

Gibbons is in danger of having his home flood, which is on Bulman Road.

The water hasn’t yet reached his home, but he’s put up sandbags.

Firefighter captain Todd Bannatyne said resources are provided at the fire hall.

The fire department is currently on standby.

The fire hall had three truckloads of sand on Thursday with another two trucks coming in.