Rezoning process underway for new Kelowna cop shop

The planned $48 million police services building is slated for city-owned land on Clement Avenue.

Kelowna city hall has started the rezoning process for the land on Clement Avenue where its wants to build a new $48 million police services building.

The new building, which will require the borrowing of $43 million of the total cost, is to become the city’s new RCMP detachment, replacing the cramped, aging quarters in the the current detachment building on Doyle Avenue.

The building is to be a design-built project, with a contractor expected to be found following a request for proposals this summer.

Construction would start early next year, with completion expected by 2017.

While the final design has yet to be determined by the winning design-built applicant, the city says it expects the building to be approximately 8,361-square metres in size and either two or three stories tall.

The new building will be located on Clement Avenue between Richter Street and St. Paul Street, with its main entrance at the corner of Clement and Richter.

City staff said Monday, they are expecting applications for the proposed Urban Square development, which has been talked about as a potential future home of the Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market just to the east, and another application for a proposed brewery to the east of the Urban Square site.

The proposed Official Community Plan change and rezoning to allow the police services building to be built received first reading at Monday’s council meeting and will go to a public hearing.

The city used the controversial alternate approval process to win public support to borrow the money needed for the building. The process lets the city announce it will borrow the money and leaves it up to the pubic to oppose the move. Ten per cent of city voters had just 30 to register their opposition.

Following the deadline last month, official public opposition to the borrowing was just a fraction of the amount required to force the city to reconsider or hold a public vote on the borrowing.



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