Incident on Rutland Road. (Matt Tyefisher)

‘Rubbernecking’ leads to crash on Rutland Road

A police incident caught the attention of two drivers

Rutland Road was the scene of a series of events, Wednesday afternoon.

About 2 p.m. an RCMP officer was seen conducting a traffic stop near the intersection with Highway 33, for what witnesses believed was a truck with a plow without insurance. According to those on scene, the driver of the vehicle was allegedly drinking and driving. The officer was seen pouring out a reported alcoholic beverage.

Incident on Rutland Road. (Matt Tyefisher)

Incident on Rutland Road. (Matt Tyefisher)

While this was taking place two vehicles collided with each other in what was described by one witness as “rubbernecking”.

The two vehicles sustained minor damage. The plow truck that had been stopped by police had to be towed from the scene.

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