Shiah Stenson

Shiah Stenson

Rutland 3-year-old found Tuesday afternoon

Police are searching for little girl wearing green bathing suit with Princess written on it.

  • Jun. 21, 2011 9:00 a.m.


A parent’s worst nightmare was put to rest after Shiah Stenson, a missing 3-year-old girl that police had launched a search to find, turned out to be sleeping under the covers at her grandparents’ house in the 1200 block of Graham Road.

Shiah’s mother said when her daughter initially was no where to be found, she ran out the front door to the neighbour’s house across the street in search of the missing toddler.

“They were having a garage sale and had a pool set up. That’s where I thought she would be,” she said.

When called to the scene, Kelowna RCMP did do a search of the grandparents’ house, but didn’t look under the covers of their bed, where it turned out the little girl was sleeping.

“I apologize immensely but I also thank you so much,” said the grandmother after Shiah was found.

“Shiah has no idea what a superstar she has become in the last half hour.”

Shiah’s mother was asked if this is the worst thing that can happen for a parent, and she replied: “It’s the worst. I feel like I should cook everyone a lobster dinner. I feel foolish but I don’t feel that foolish.”

Kelowna RCMP send a number of officers along with a police services dog and the RCMP helicopter initially to assist in the search, shortly after noon today.

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