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Rutland residents voice concerns at BC United town hall

The meeting was sponsored by BC United MLAs Norm Letnick and Renee Merrifield
BC United MLA for Kelowna-Lake Country, Norm Letnick. (Photo/John Lehmann)

Rutland residents had a lot to say at a July 20 town hall sponsored by BC United MLAs Norm Letnick and Renee Merrifield.

“I think the main message was we want Rutland to be a healthy, vibrant community where we can raise our children and run our businesses in a way most communities want to do,” said Letnick.

Letnick added the community is under a lot of duress.

“The people there last night made it very clear that some of the things they’d like us to work on is the mitigation to the impacts of moving the social services office to downtown Rutland,” he said.

Letnick added other concerns from residents were the ‘catch and release’ program of the NDP government, more focus on treatment and recovery for people dealing with substance use, and a replacement for Rutland Middle School.

He said he and Merrifield will continue to keep working as a team for the community.

“Advocate for what Rutland needs until the next election, which is just a little over a year away, and hopefully Renee is in cabinet on the government side of the house, and then I think things will get better.”

Merrifield also has future townhalls planned for the Mission and Kettle Valley.

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