Trustee loses temper

Trustee loses temper

Trustee Rolli Cacchioni lost his temper during Wednesday night’s school board meeting

A discussion grew unexpectedly heated during a Wednesday school board meeting.

Trustee Rolli Cacchioni lost his temper as the conversation turned to a previous meeting the school district had with the City of West Kelowna involving electoral equity.

Tension rose between chairperson Moyra Baxter and Cacchioni after Baxter made a comment about Cacchioni winking to trustee Chris Gorman who sat across the table.

“I can wink anytime I want,” said Cacchioni. “I don’t need to be mothered… we’re here to discuss the students of the district, not whether I wink or not. Let’s get real, no wonder people are saying boards are irrelevant,” he said.

“Well, it’s very rude,” said Baxter.

Cacchioni spoke over Baxter, raising his voice as the argument continued.

“No wonder people think boards are dysfunctional,” he said.

Baxter called Cacchioni’s actions childish.

The rest of the meeting proceeded without incident.