Serial rapist moving to Kelowna

A serial rapist, who authorities believe will re-offend, was released from prison Thursday and is planning to make Kelowna his new home.

  • Nov. 10, 2011 10:00 a.m.
Serial rapist

Serial rapist

A serial rapist, who authorities have reason to believe will re-offend, was released from prison Thursday,  and is planning to make Kelowna his new home.

Andrew Aurie Jefferson, 26,  fulfilled his sentence for a Calgary-based criminal history that included two convictions for sexual assault using knives in 2006, and another for physical assault the same year.

His pattern was to randomly grab women from behind as they were walking down the street. He threatened to kill them if they screamed, and used a knife to subdue them as they were sexually assaulted.

He was convicted for those crimes in 2008, but  applied to get early release. In the last eight months, however, that request was denied when the parole board deemed him at high risk of re-offending.

Jefferson was forced to fulfill his entire sentence, which earned him Thursday’s release along with a a long list of conditions that local Mounties intend to enforce.

“We are keenly aware of what we need to do to ensure to make sure he abides by his conditions,” said Const. Steve Holmes, noting that one of the steps to ensure the community’s safety is making the information of his release available.

Holmes doesn’t believe Jefferson’s address will be made public information.

“This person has charter rights like we all do. Even though he’s been released by a peace bond, he still has those rights,” he said. The last time Kelowna police had to issue a similar warning was in 2006, and Holmes doesn’t recall any problems ensuing.

Conditions of Jefferson’s release include:

•Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

•No contact with any of the victims of the offences for which he has been convicted or any known members of their immediate families.

•Shall not attend any known residence, place of employment of educational facility of any of the victims of offences or any members of their immediate families.

•Shall immediately advise the probation officer of any close relationship with a woman, and refrain from continuing with that relationship until the woman has been advised of his criminal record in the presence of the probation officer.

•Shall not possess any knives except for the immediate preparation of food.

•Shall not possess own or carry any weapons.

•Shall not consume or possess alcohol or any controlled substances

•Shall not enter any establishment where alcohol is the primary commodity for sale.

•Shall not be outside your residence between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily except for employment purposes and with the prior written permission of a probation officer.

If you observe Jefferson, who is five-foot-9.5 inches and weighs 183 pounds and has brown hair and green eyes,in violation of any of the above noted conditions please do not approach him.

Immediately contact the Kelowna City RCMP at 250-762-3300.

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