Sky’s the limit for Kelowna

This area is featured in March's United Airlines in-flight magazine, a publication available to an estimated 12 million people.

Kelowna is featured in United Airline's March Hemispheres magazine.

Kelowna is featured in United Airline's March Hemispheres magazine.

A lot of international travellers  will learn about Kelowna this month.

The city is featured in the in-flight magazine of United Airlines, Hemisphere, which is placed in the seatback pocket of all United Airlines fights around the world.

United is the largest airline in the world and flies to 381 U.S., North American and international destinations using 705 planes.

The 11-page article, plus a picture of local skiing on the front cover and more pictures on the magazine’s contents page, appears in the March edition.

Hemisphere has a circulation of 645,000 and an estimated 12 million passengers fly on United flights around the world each month.

In December, United started flying between Kelowna and Los Angeles.

Local airport oficials are justifiably excited, noting the free coverage would have cost as much as $750,000 US if it was bought as one or a series of advertisements.

Kelowna city council was told about the article earlier this week by city staff.

Mayor Walter Gray asked for a copy ad said he would tout it when he appeared on the Vancouver-based Bill Good radio talk show which broadcast from Okanagan College on Tuesday morning.

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