Smart meter campaign launches provincewide appeal

Citizens' Initiative Petition drive seeking support to oppose smart metering program.

  • Mar. 22, 2013 2:00 p.m.

The Society  is a non-profit group wanting to restore what it calls the  democratic process on the issue of the BC Hydro smart metering program.

The society has been following the ongoing legal challenges, supporting those challenges, and participating in earnest to convince the traditional political parties that the BC Hydro smart metering program has been imposed upon the people against their will.

The society now believes that the time for diplomacy is over and that the only way to take back our power is to once again implement the Recall and Initiative Act and demand our democratic process.  British Columbia is the only province to have such legislation available to voters.

“We have it.  Let’s use it. This is no longer just about the meters.  Not everyone agrees on all of the issues but the one issue that should concern everyone is the manner in which the smart metering program has been imposed upon us.  For many, the threat to health and security is very real, and in a society that is supposedly democratic, the freedom of choice should be held to the highest standard,” said president James Smith.

The society has hired a social media consultant and plans to launch a campaign on March 25  to promote and garner support for the initiative petition.

“The Initiative process has pre-determined dates for holding votes following a successful petition.  This will give us time to garner the support required for success and to pick our time for the official petition launch.  We are very excited to get going and fully expect the public to get behind us,” said society director Chris Anderson.

“We are at a critical point in British Columbia and Canada as a whole,” added Smith.  “Our elected governments at all levels are failing to include us in decisions at a time when it should be most easy to do so.  British Columbians said no when the HST was imposed upon us.  Now is not the time to let that be a one hit wonder.  We can once again stand up and let it be known that we are not the sheep, and government is not our shepherd.”

Kelowna Capital News