Snow and ice impact garbage collection in Central Okanagan

Residents warned regular pick-up could be adversely affected by winter weather conditions.

The regional waste reduction office is warning the public that  during snowy and icy conditions, garbage collection may be delayed.

“You may also need to alter the regular placement of your garbage and recycling carts to ensure the collection vehicle can reach them,” says the office in a release issued Wednesday.

According to the office, if your garbage or recycling has not been picked up, leave it out for collection and the waste hauler will pick it up as soon as possible. Do not bring your carts back in until they’ve been emptied to ensure your collection isn’t missed.

The office also issued a number of tips concerning putting out waste collection carts in the Central Okanagan.

• Do not place carts in a location where a snowplow will hit them. The cart should be no closer than three feet from any obstacle, parked car, or other cart – an arm’s length spacing is required between each cart. (When considering cart placement, note the automated arm on the collection truck can only reach a maximum of eight feet from the truck, and up to one foot off the ground.)

• Find or clear an unobstructed site to put your carts out for collection. It is the responsibility of the resident to clear appropriate space at the curb/roadway in front of their property for placement of carts.

• Put carts as close as possible to the street, without obstructing the street, sidewalk or bike lane. (Often placing your carts on either side of your driveway allows for greater ease for the collection trucks and for you.)

• Do not place carts behind or on top of snow banks.

• Clear your cart of snow and ice to ensure the lid opens when cart is tipped.

• As waste collection carts are equipped with wheels, please use extra caution when wheeling them in snowy and icy conditions.

• Private or easement roads that are not City property are the responsibility of strata’s and residents to maintain. Unmaintained easement roads may result in delayed pickup. If you live on a private or easement road, keep your road clear or have your bins curbside on the public street if the private road is inaccessible.)

• Have carts out for collection by 7 a.m.

• Do not place carts out  the night before collection and bring them away from the road as soon as possible after collection.



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