Social issue coordinator salary to peak at $109,000

A new staff member will deal with homelessness, safety and a host of other social issues in Kelowna.

Kelowna is planning to hire a new staff member to deal with homelessness, safety and a host of other social issues in the city.

Approved in the 2016 budget, the position will be known as the social issue coordinator and will, initially, be for a three-year term.

The resolution reads that with no commitment identified past 2018 from either the federal government or the province, it is recommended, that the City of Kelowna working with community partners, develop a collective impact model for addressing homelessness and related issues, said the budget description for the position.

This model should be developed and implemented by a staff member who possesses knowledge of affordable housing strategies, homelessness issues, and has the ability to work with partnering agencies, businesses and the development community.

The position will cost the city $83,000 to start and rise to $109,000 by year three.

The position will be reviewed after two years.

Councillors said they liked the idea of creating the position, especially because of its broad scope.

“I’m really happy to see this go forward,” said Coun. Mohini Singh.

As part of the duties of the new position, the staff member will also be expected to foster collaboration with government agencies, seek funding and actively promote community awareness of the city’s strategy to address homelessness.

The position is expected to be filled in the spring.


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