(Photo: SORCO Raptor Rehab Centre)

(Photo: SORCO Raptor Rehab Centre)

South Okanagan rescue hopes to find injured hawk’s owner

The South Okanagan Rehab Centre for Owls found the rare Harris hawk on Thursday

An injured Harris hawk has been rescued by the SORCO Raptor Rehab Centre, but the rescue is hoping to find the birds owner immediately.

The rare and injured hawk was found on Thursday having troubles to walk. SORCO believes that the bird may have already been hurt and added to its injuries while on the hunt for some ducks.

“The bird has a lot of injury to the pads of its talons,” said SORCO manager Dale Belvedere.

“A bird that size should have been able to make the kill, and it’s at the vet right now and until we get the full report, we won’t know what’s next.”

Belvedere said that they are now learning that the bird may be the same hawk that was seen in the same area almost two years ago, and if it is, the once trained bird would have struggled to survived in the wild.

“They’re trained, not wild so we want to return the bird to the falconer. They’re not native to the Okanagan and releasing it would be difficult.”

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SORCO has had troubles tracking the identification band on the bird and have enlisted the provincial government’s help in hopes to help the bird make a recovery.

Information on the bird can be directed to SORCO at 250-498-4251.

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