SPCA ‘appalled’ by conditional term for Kamloops man who killed dog

Christopher Mathes beat dog with a fence post after it had bitten his young daughter.

A Kamloops man has received a 12-month conditional discharge after beating the family’s chihuahua to death with a fence post.

Christopher Mathes was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal. He is also banned from being in the presence of dogs for one year.

The 41-year-old was charged just over a year ago after hitting the pet, a rescue dog, on the head with the post because it had bitten his six-year-old daughter on the face.

BC SPCA chief prevention and enforcement officer Marcie Moriarty says she is appalled by the decision.

She says Mathes could have turned to a trainer for help managing the dog’s behaviour and she worries the sentence will set a lenient legal precedent for anyone who mistreats animals.

“It is very worrisome, and I hope that, in future cases, this case gets distinguished as an oddity because it most certainly should not reflect what, in 2016, animal owners’ responsibilities are with respect to duty towards their animals,” Moriarty said.


The Canadian Press