Speed demon lands in Kelowna cells

The man allegedly responsible for the infamous YouTube video—Victoria Highway Run 299 km—is in the custody of Kelowna RCMP.

The Saanich man who put himself on police radar by  posting a YouTube video highlighting his need for speed, turned himself in to Kelowna Mounties.

Randy George Scott, 25, walked into the local police station Tuesday night, fulfilling a Sannich police warrant issued after he was linked to an online video that showed him taking a 299 kilometers per hour joyride down the Trans-Canada Highway.

Vancouver Island police have said Scott attached a camera to his motorcycle last April and then filmed himself  swerving  through traffic at death defying speeds.

He allegedly posted the video under the name Joe Blow a couple days later, since attracting more than one million views as well as national and international media coverage.

Initially the authorities said they had a good idea who the driver might be, but they lacked evidence needed to bring forth charges. That  changed earlier this month after witnesses came forward, allowing them to charge Scott with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

“Videos such as this glorify dangerous driving behaviours, which is a direct contradiction to our commitment to road safety,” said Kelowna RCMP Const. Kris Clark.

He’s expected to appear in a Kelowna courtroom today, and investigators are working with the Saanich Police Department and Provincial Crown Counsel from both Kelowna and Victoria.


Kelowna Capital News