‘Spiderman’ injured in fall from Kelowna hotel

Man tried to climb down the side of the building from a fourth floor window.

An attempt to perform a Spiderman-like feat has resulted in a Prince George man being hospitalized.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, witnesses spotted a man open the fourth floor window of a hotel room at the Delta Grand and climb feet first onto a ledge.

“The man appeared to be trying to climb down the side of the building when he apparently lost his grip and fell to the ground,” said Const. Steve Holmes.

The 27-year-old Prince George man fell four storeys to the concrete below, and sustained numerous injuries, including a broken jaw, broken feet and leg, and a broken shoulder.

Police say he was taken to hospital for treatment.

A distraught woman was found inside the hotel room, but police say there is no evidence to show the man was forced out of the window.

Instead, police investigators believe that alcohol, and possibly drugs, were involved, said Holmes.


Kelowna Capital News