St. Johns Ambulance says to be prepared

Having an emergency kit is only one step to being prepared

St. Johns Ambulance says to be prepared

St. John Ambulance volunteers are supporting response efforts to address the extensive flooding in British Columbia.

“Our efforts supporting the flood response and helping affected citizens across Canada are a reflection of our dedication and commitment to our history of caring and saving lives,” said disaster services national coordinator Bill Alexander.

In British Columbia, the threat of unprecedented flooding still remains and the message to “stay prepared” continues to be as significant as ever. Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran is urging residents to prepare for dramatic flooding with 72-hour emergency kits.

The flooding coincides with Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week, running from May 7 to 13 serving as an additional reminder for people to take safety into their own hands to not just be prepared but make sure families are emergency ready.

St. John Ambulance states people need to be aware that just by purchasing a kit or creating a plan, you are only halfway through the necessary stages of emergency readiness:

Stage 1 – Create a Plan

Stage 2 – Build a Kit

Stage 3 – Train in First Aid

Stage 4 – Maintain your skills and supplies.