Storied past for Okanagan chase suspects

Two days after Mounties were led on a bullet peppered car chase from West Kelowna to Vernon.

Two days after Mounties were led on a bullet peppered car chase from West Kelowna to Vernon, Crown Counsel had yet to approve any charges against the suspects.

But that’s not to say a lot of new information hasn’t been made available on the trio.

New Westminster police, which have been investigating the RCMP’s conduct in the matter, revealed Thursday that the sole woman involved had been injured by a bullet and was still being treated for a “non life-threatening” injury.

It’s unclear if that wound was a product of the gunfire coming from the vehicle she was a passenger of, or RCMP fire.

With no charges yet laid, the 19-year-old’s name remained undisclosed, but but the identities of her two male companions did come to light Wednesday.

During a nighttime press conference Cpl. Dan Moskoluk said Shawn Adam Wysynski, 32, and Michael Edward Ellis, 39, were apprehended at the end of the Tuesday afternoon car chase, and they were being held to address earlier issues.

Wysynski was detained on a warrant issued in February for failing to comply with a probation order stemming from a Kelowna file.

Ellis has been wanted since June, for charges of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose trafficking, stemming from a Columbia Valley area investigation. That matter will go to court Aug. 13.

It’s a place that Ellis should have some familiarity with, with a long criminal record to look back on.

Of particular note, he was involved in one matter that closely mirrors some of the alleged events of this week, although on Sept. 29, 2011  Justice Mark McEwan directed a judicial stay of the indictment for charges against Ellis  because the 31-month period between arrest and trial infringed on his rights.

“At two-for-one he has served the time equivalent of a seven and a half year sentence. This is to say that Mr. Ellis has spent so much time waiting for trial that he is already within the range of conceivable sentences for the offences, were he to be found guilty. That is scandalous,” said McEwan in his decision.

In the March 2009 incident, it was alleged that Ellis was behind the wheel of a blue Ford F-250 that had been stolen from a dealership in Surrey.

When he was spotted in the Rock Creek area,  the Mounties gave chase. To get away, Ellis allegedly rammed a police truck and forced another marked sedan off the road.

The cops found the truck again, and were rammed again. That led the RCMP officer to fire shots windshield at the driver.

Drugs were involved in that case.

Ellis has also been on the other side of the fence.

In 2008 he claimed he was sexually assaulted by a corrections officer  on two occasions when he was an inmate at Allouette River Correctional Centre  in 1993.  ARCC was closed down in 2002.

The corrections officer did spend time in prison for nine counts of indecent or sexual assault on five separate victims between 1980 and 1991, but the judge dealing with the file felt that Ellis had no credibility with respect to this incident and the claim was dismissed as well.

Charges from Tuesday’s chase could be laid as early as Friday.

Police attempted to stop the “suspicious” green Dodge Caravan, around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

They allegedly fired shots at the West Kelowna officer RCMP, then the suspects fled on Westside Road.

On their way they allegedly fired more shots at the police, and were able to switch vehicles at least twice.

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