Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps

Sinkhole at McKinley Beach

Kelowna - Streams cause a hillside to slide near the McKinley Beach developments this morning

Part of the hillside around the McKinley Beach developments has slid into a cul-de-sac.

No was injured, said Andrew Gaucher, vice-president of McKinley Beach.

“There were a few underground streams that we had historically monitored on the site and a few days ago the streams changed course and where we had seen them before had stopped.”

Cracks formed over the past 24 hours and this morning an area of the hillside gave way, he said.

We believe what happened was that it could have eroded an underground area and the hole, for lack of a better term, caved in.”

Civil infrastructure was damaged and the area was evacuated.

“We are surveying around it to make sure there is no additional movement before we start remediation efforts,” said Gaucher.

The area will be cleared of dirt and retained with structural fill moving forward.

There should be no concerns of the incident happening again, he said. Surveys and engineers are on site.

The remediation efforts are expected to take two to three months and work is ongoing in the safe areas around the site.

According to Tom Wilson, City of Kelowna communications officer, there has been no impact on city services or infrastructure.

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