West Kelowna set to release the street sweepers. —Image: file

West Kelowna set to release the street sweepers. —Image: file

Street sweeping starts in West Kelowna

Cleaning city roads expected to take six to eight weeks

It’s a sure sign of spring. Street sweepers are rolling out in West Kelowna.

With the weather warming up, it’s time for the city to conduct its annual street sweeping of local roads.

Sweeping will start in the lower elevation neighbourhoods and work upwards to higher roads as the snow melts over the next several weeks, says the city. Sweeping in school zones will be completed over spring break, which starts next week, weather permitting.

Residents are asked to not sweep road debris into piles on the roads as that can significantly slow down the progress of street sweeping. Leave the road debris for the sweepers to collect.

Signs will be placed in neighbourhoods indicating when sweeping will start and will remain posted while equipment is working in the area. Residents are reminded to help out by not parking on the street so equipment operators can make complete sweeps of the road.

Cleaning up the city’s 260-kilometre road network is expected to take approximately six to eight weeks.