Sun sets on Kelowna’s summer

Shake out your cozy sweaters and pull out your wellies, autumn has officially arrived.

The sun set on Kelowna's summer

Shake out your cozy sweaters and pull out your wellies, autumn  has officially arrived.

It’s only one day into the season, and already the weather has taken a turn for the cool and damp.

“We are going into a neutral phase for winter, which means we are expecting a normal winter and fall,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan, adding that fall temperatures are projected to be .25 to .5 C higher than the seasonal average of 7.6 C.

“The only thing that has a direct influence on the Central Interior’s fall,  is above normal sea surface temperatures on the coast. We will have a slightly warmer season, but it will be imperceptible to us.”

Perceptions aren’t that reliable, anyway.

Take Kelowna’s summer as an example. July seemed particularly unpleasant, but Castellan said that it was actually the sixth warmest quarter in the area since records started being taken in 1899.

“The mean temperature is 20.1 C and normally it is 18.6 C… so it was a 1.5 C anomaly towards warmer than normal,” he said.

The real heat came at the beginning and end of the season.

In June Kelowna usually gets three-and-a-half days of 30 C weather, and this year June had six. In July there are normally 10.9 days that are above 30 C and this year there were only seven. And, in August there were 13 days where temperatures rose higher than 30 C, and usually there are only 10.

It wasn’t even as rainy as a normal summer. The average rainfall in Kelowna during the summer is 109.7 mm, but this year there was only 90.5 mm.

It was the 21st driest summer since 1899.

“You still get enough to get near what is normal, but measuring precipitation data means you’re in the top quarter of dryness,” he said.