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Sunken boat found during enforcement around buoys on Shuswap Lake

Non-compliant buoys removed through Transport Canada Navigation Protection Program
A submerged boat was located in the Tappen Bay area of Shuswap Lake during recent enforcement on non-compliant buoys through Transport Canada’s Navigation Protection Program. (Transport Canada photo)

Recent efforts to address non-compliant buoys in Shuswap and Mara lakes led to the finding of an unreported sunken vessel.

The vessel was located in the Tappen Bay area, and has been marked with a buoy until additional action can be take, said the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) in a Nov. 24 media release.

Regarding non-compliant buoys, in response to public complaints, 28 were removed in October via enforcement through Transport Canada’s Navigation Protection Program, with support from the CSRD. This was after 342 non-compliant buoys were tagged in May and June, giving owners time to rectify the non-compliance prior to removal.

“The proliferation of buoys on Shuswap and Mara Lakes has been a continual source of public concern, prompting numerous reports to both the CSRD and Transport Canada,” said the CSRD, explaining buoys can be removed if they are not following the regulations regarding the correct size, colour and identification. “This can be hazardous for boaters and other users of the lake.”

Buoy compliance efforts have taken place on Shuswap and Mara lakes since 2018, though it was paused in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it began, approximately 969 non-compliant buoys were tagged and 166 non-compliant buoys have been removed.

For more information on Transport Canada buoy regulations, see the Transport Canada website.

The CSRD also has its own set of regulations dealing with docks and buoys for waterfront property owners. For more on these regulations, see the Docks & Buoys regulations page of the CSRD website.

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