Tall tree donated for Christmas display in Rutland’s Roxby Square

A city call for a large tree to be donated for pubic display in the square resulted in several offers.

The City of Kelowna’s call for a huge evergreen tree to stand in Rutland’s revamped Roxby Square over the winter holidays has netted it a 35-foot blue spruce Christmas tree.

The tree has been donated by Terry Campbell, a Rutland resident.

Weather permitting, the tall tree will be cut down and removed from Campbell’s property Dec. 1, transported to Roxby Square by Dec. 4 and installed and decorated there

City residents are invited to the Uptown Rutland Light-Up event Dec. 6 in the square to enjoy the decorated tree and partake in holiday festivities.

For details about the event, go to ourrutland.ca.

The city says the call for a tree for Roxby Square was met with great enthusiasm by Kelowna residents with several offers of trees.


Kelowna Capital News