TELUS Community Ambassadors providing Knitted Knockers in Kelowna

Knitted Knockers are provided for women who have gone through breast cancer treatment

  • Dec. 20, 2015 4:00 p.m.
L-R:  Linda Hayes -TELUS ambassador

L-R:  Linda Hayes -TELUS ambassador

The Okanagan TELUS Community Ambassadors and their knitting team have been diligently working on Knitted Knockers, as they are affectionately called. Knitted Knockers are an alternative to traditional breast prostheses. They are soft, hand-made, lightweight, breathable and washable. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. These soft breast prosthetics are perfect for anyone who is looking into their options post breast cancer treatment or for women who had their mastectomy or lumpectomy long ago and just want to try something different. Because each pair is handmade, each pair is unique, just like every woman. Women who use them rave about them and they are available at the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge (Cancer Lodge) in Kelowna.

Anyone who is interested can stop by the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge (Cancer Lodge) at the “Feel Good” room- 2251 Abbot Street, in Kelowna.The Southern Interior Rotary Lodge (Cancer Lodge) currently has all cup sizes of Knitted Knockers available with capable knitters at the ready when we need more. Any women who stop by will be helped to find the correct size of prosthetic and can pick out a pair that they like. Knitted knockers come in pairs for those women who have had double mastectomies and for women who’ve had a single mastectomy or lumpectomy, they will have a spare for when they wash one.

This initiative has been led in Kelowna by Linda Hayes and Betty Vogl and their team of knitters and crocheters for the TELUS Community Ambassadors. Linda Hayes indicated, “Knockers can be knitted or crocheted if they are knitted they are knit on 4 bamboo needles out of 100% cotton yarn or bamboo yarn.”

Over the summer, the Knitter Knockers group has made about 140 pairs of various sizes and has partnered with the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge (Cancer Lodge) who distributes them to interested women through their “Feel Good” Room at the lodge.  Naomi Dodd is the Volunteer Site Co-coordinator who oversees the “Feel Good” Room at the Lodge.

The “Feel Good” Room at the Lodge has wigs, head coverings (hats, toques, scarves, turbans, caps), many also sewn by TELUS ambassadors, under-arm pillows, Knitted Knockers, temporary ‘puffy’ breast prosthetics, books, videos, brochures and other resources for people dealing with cancer and going through treatment. All of these resources are available without cost to cancer patients and their families.

Naomi Dodd, the Volunteer Site Co-coordinator says, “We sincerely appreciate the TELUS Ambassadors’ work on the Knitted Knockers. This is an excellent addition to our existing support programs such as the  CancerConnection peer support program, and our Cancer Information Service.”

Dodd encourages patients or caregivers to visit for further information about support programs.

For information on the Knitted Knockers program  in Kelowna, Linda Hayes can be called at 250-712-1014.  If you would like to be a part of knitting Knockers for women across Canada, please contact or go to their website for all the information as they are looking for knitters.

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