Telus investing $14.5 million in Lake Country to upgrade fibre optics

Investment seen as a major advancement and helpful to economic development in the municipality

Telus is undergoing an infrastructure upgrade in Lake Country.

An investment in fibre optics by Telus is being called good news for economic development in Lake Country.

Telus is investing more than $14.5 million to lay the foundation that could connect more than 90 per cent of homes and businesses in Lake Country directly to its fibre optic network.

Construction work will begin in the fall, and once the build is complete, Lake Country residents and businesses on Telus PureFibre will have access to Telus’ first-ever symmetrical 150 Mbps (Mega bits per second) Internet plan, offering customers download and upload speeds of 150 Mbps.

“This investment will facilitate economic development, since fibre optic services are becoming a key factor in business decision-making when choosing a place to locate,” said Jamie McEwan, community development manager for the District of Lake Country. “We have also had demand from residents for expanded fibre optic services and choice. This opens up many opportunities for high speed Internet connectivity. Now more than ever, communities are viewing fibre optic infrastructure similarly to other more traditional infrastructure. This initiative positions Lake Country quite positively for future growth and service expansion”

The build in Lake Country follows investments from Telus to bring fibre directly to the doorsteps of homes, businesses, schools and hospitals in all major Okanagan communities from Vernon to Osoyoos, making the Okanagan region home to the most technologically advanced network in Western Canada.

“Direct fibre optic network connection unleashes infinite possibilities now and into the future,” said Tony Geheran, Telus executive vice-president and president of broadband networks. “This investment will not only dramatically enhance the connectivity residents enjoy in their homes with access to 150 Mbps download and upload speeds, it will also enable entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive locally while reaching global audiences through the growing digital economy and support the provision of both healthcare and education.”

The gigabit-enabled Telus fibre optic network is among the most advanced communications infrastructure available in the world today, enabling connected residents to immediately take advantage of dramatically faster Internet speeds of up to 150 megabits per second, while interested businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and institutions can access even more speed and capacity. As demand and Internet technologies evolve in the coming years, TELUS will offer faster speeds and more capacity, sufficient for decades to come. This new fibre optic infrastructure will also enable residents to access Optik TV for the first time, and will be the backbone of TELUS’ wireless network, enabling even more wireless coverage and speed. Local healthcare providers, educators and technology companies will be able to draw upon the technology to reimagine how they deliver existing services and develop entirely new solutions.

“People like everything fast these days,” said Mayor James Baker. “Fibre optic technology uses flexible, transparent, durable strands of glass that can transmit at very high speeds. That is a fast way to communicate information between businesses, enjoy video conferences or even download songs and movies.”