Tiede says school board has valuable role to play

School District 23: Tiede, Lee-Ann-school trustee candidate says she can offer business experience and understands board governance.

  • Mon Nov 3rd, 2014 9:00am
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1) Why do you feel school boards are still relevant today given how much control the provincial government maintains over education spending?

Although funding is provided by the provincial government, the governance of education is delegated to the locally elected boards.  Understanding the wishes of the community and staff, and aiming to meet the goals of the jurisdiction is something best done by Trustees who live in the community and strive to make sound decisions based on first-hand information.


2) What personal characteristics or background do you possess that make you an ideal candidate for school trustee?

As a business professional, I bring strong administrative skills as well as an understanding of board governance and business acumen.  In addition, my 3 teenagers provide me with daily tactical training in negotiations, information gathering, project planning, facility management, human resources, First Aid, resource management, and humour 101.


3) Do you now have or have you had children enrolled in the public school system? If so, what has that experience as a parent taught you about what the school board’s priorities should be?

With 3 children currently in the system, I know that facilities are already a priority.  We need to make sure that all students have a safe, inspiring, current environment to learn in. We need to address an aging Rutland Middle School, and lack of space in the Mission, while keeping the overall needs of all of our students in mind.

I also believe integration of all students is vital. All students deserve a place and an opportunity to reach their fullest potential, while keeping in mind that common sense in class compilation needs to be seriously re-evaluated and reformed.


4) Enrolment overall in private schools has shown an increase in recent years both locally and provincially.  What do you think the school board should or can do to restore what perhaps is a reflection of lost confidence in the public school system?

We need to listen to the reasons why students are moving to alternative education and try to make course corrections if possible.  Understanding the why will seriously affect how to approach the issue.


5) Why do you want to be a school trustee?

I want to be a Trustee because I understand the role and how it impacts our community.  Trustees are assigned the task of governing education.  They also create policy to guide the administration, evaluate the Superintendent, set and prioritize goals for the jurisdiction, and communicate on behalf of our community to the Provincial Government.  I want to contribute to the important task of making decisions regarding the health, safety and future of our students, while keeping in mind the best interests of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and volunteers.  Quite simply, I want to make a difference in the lives of students.